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BlackVue  Power Magic Pro Battery Discharge Protection  BERKSHIRE
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This product is an optional addition and should be considered if the BlackVue device is going to be operated when a vehicle is turned off. Even when the vehicle is turned off the BlackVue drive recorder is still going to operate- meaning your camera is consistently recording which will help to prevent thefts etc.

Suitable for a wide range of BlackVue cameras including; DR3500, DR380G, DR500GW, DR500W, DR500HD, DR530W, DR550GW, DR600GW, DR650GW.


Product specifications:

Electric power controller.
Prevents car battery from draining. 
Power controller for BlackVue driver recording systems. Including; DR3500, DR380G, DR500GW, DR500W, DR500HD, DR530W, DR550GW, DR600GW, DR650GW. 
12V and 24V application.
Low voltage cut-off mode : 11.1V/11.4V(12V) or 22.2V/22.8V(24V).
Timer setting :  1hr-72hrs.

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