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BlackVue DR650GW BLACKVUE DR650GW2CHFront and rear witness camera systemSupports micro SD card upto 64 GBCompact designBuilt in GPS and WIFI BERKSHIRE
BLACKVUE DR650GW-2CH.Front and rear witness camera system.Supports micro SD card upto 64 GB.Compact design.Built in GPS and WIFI.
£399.00 *Fitted
£332.50 Ex. VAT
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The front facing camera with a 2.4MP Sony EXMOR CMOS Sensor records at Full HD 1920 x 1080, the rear camera is HD.


The Blackvue DR650GW-2CH offers 3 recording options (Normal, Event and Parking mode).The Blackvue app for Android, iOS and Windows 8 allows users to play live or recorded Blackvue videos via a smartphone or tablet PC via Wi-Fi connection.


The Wi-Fi feature also enables you to access and transfer video easily to your smartphone or tablet device without having to remove the micro-SD card.


The DR650GW-2CH still retains all the main functions such as parking mode, voice messages, 3G sensor (shock sensor) and can now support SDXC Micro SD memory cards up to 64GB.Videos from both car cameras are saved as individual files on one micro SD card.


Blackvue DR650GW-2CH is a reliable and ideal dual channel car Dashcam for motorists who simply want to record driving scenes from both front and rear windows. The main camera , mounted on the front windscreen , captures the entire road ahead. The rear camera , attached on the rear window, records what is behind you.


The two cameras are connected by a high-quality coaxial cable for minimising signal noise, Front Full HD and rear HD cameras catch detailed footage of driving and never miss a moment of what is going on in and around your vehicle.


The DR650GW-2CH car camera is perfect for proof of your case in a unfortunate event of an accident , protection of your valuable property and record of scenic drives.


High Quality Videos
DR650GW-2CH allows you to check the most accurate videos through-
• Front Full HD (1920×1080)@30fps
• Rear Full HD (1280×720)@30fps
• Sony EXMOR CMOS Sensor

Optimal Angle of View
• 129° angle of view provides super clear video images and enough angle to capture detailed videos when accident happens.

Support micro SD card up to 64GB
• Maximize the capacity of DR650GW-2CH for microSD™ card memory for saving high quality videos and longer recording time

Built-in GPS
• Record Vehicle speed and location for playback in Blackvue App

Built-in Wi-Fi and Blackvue App
• Check live view, playback videos, upload to SNS and back up files through built-in Wi-Fi and Blackvue App

User-Friendly Interface System
• Voice guide and LED show operation status of Dashcam
• Voice on/off function protects your privacy
• Precisely adjust shooting angle with 360° rotation of body

3 Record Modes (Normal, Event and Parking Mode)
• Normal, Event and Parking Mode are activated through built-in G-sensor

One-Touch Self Format Function
• Push the Wi-Fi button as long key to format microSD™ card

High-Quality Coaxial Cable
• Front and rear camera connected with coaxial cable for minimising signal noise

Security-Enhanced Design
• All black colour body blends into any vehicle and is ideal for surveillance from unpredictable moments
• Easily detachable mounting bracket

Blackvue Viewer (PC/MAC)
• Watch front and rear side of recorded videos, check speed and location, trace route of vehicles on Google Maps.



Model name- DR650GW-2CH
Channel- 2 Channels
Camera- Front -Sony EXMOR CMOS Sensor (2.4M pixels) | Rear -CMOS Sensor (1M pixels)
Resolution/FPS- Front -Full HD 1920 x 1080@30fps | Rear -HD 1280 x 720@30fps
Variable Image Quality- Highest / High / Normal
Angle of view- Front -Diagonal 129°, Horizontal 103°, Vertical 77° | Rear -Diagonal 129°, Horizontal 108°, Vertical 57°
GPS- Built-in
Wi-Fi- Built-in ( 802.11b/g/n (2.4-2.4835GHz)
Buttons- Wi-Fi on/off, Voice on/off, Format(Wi-Fi long key)
Security LED- Yes
Storage- MicroSD™ card (16GB/32GB/64GB)
Video Format- MP4
Microphone- Built-in
Speaker- Built-in
LED- Front -Recording status, GPS, Wi-Fi, Security | Rear -Security
G-Sensor- Built-in
Back-up Battery- Built-in Super Capacitor
Record Mode- Normal Mode, Event Mode(G-Sensor), Parking Mode(G-Sensor, motion)
Input Voltage- DC 12V~24V
Operation Temperature.- -20?~60?
Power Consumption- Max. 4.8W
Power Management- Optional Power Magic Pro
Colour / Size / Weight- Front -Black / L118.5mm x D36mm / 120g | Rear -Black / L67.4mm x D27.6mm / 30g
Certifications- Front -KCC, FCC, CE, RoHS, Telec, WEEE | Rear -KCC, FCC, CE, RoHS, WEEE
Software- Blackvue Viewer (Windows, Mac OS)
Application- Blackvue App (Android, iOS, Windows /RT)


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