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Armaplate Sentinal - BERKSHIRE, NEWBURY

The Product

The Armaplate Sentinel is a unique and patented design which works by completely encasing the vulnerable area around the door lock and/ or handle.

On the outside is a tough, but aesthetically appealing stainless steel plate providing an incredibly tough barrier. This is further reinforced by another steel plate on the inside of the door. The metal of your door skin now in effect becomes the middle of a metal sandwich making a triple-barrier of steel between the thief and the contents of your van.

How it fits
The stainless-steel exterior plate has threaded studs on the reverse side which go through the door skin and then through the steel backing-plate. These protective layers are then bonded together with 8mm Locknuts, resulting in a virtually impenetrable barrier.

Carphone Installations offer a professional installation. We will take great care of your van with quality workmanship and application of rust prevention solution to any drilled metals.

VW Transporter T6 armaplate - Armaplate Sentinal - NEWBURY - BERKSHIRE
Locks4Vans Vauxhall Vivaro Armoured rear door Lock shield - Armaplate Sentinal - NEWBURY - BERKSHIRE
Vauxhall Vivaro armaplate side door protection - Armaplate Sentinal - NEWBURY - BERKSHIRE
Armaplate Sentinal - NEWBURY - BERKSHIRE
Armaplate Sentinal - NEWBURY - BERKSHIRE
Armaplate SENTINAL
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